Mia Lobel Ceramics

Love Making

Finally, I get to play with mud!

My process is to honor and humor the clay’s desire to shape itself into different narratives based on life experience.

My desire and my goal is to simply be the woman who is making.

The objects i make are all experiments and represent the by-product of me loving the woman i am when i am making them.




Ceramic Workshops and Classes

2007-2008 Palo Alto Art Center 

Barbara Brown, Joe Battiato

2009-2013 Sonoma Community Center

Forest Lesch-Middleton, Julia Feld, Arthur Gonzales, Susannah Isreal, Katie Morris,

Sunshine Cobb, Greg Volkis, Michiko Kinoshita

Group Exhibitions

Arts Guild of Sonoma

2010 Invitational and Repo Show

2011 Invitational and Repo Show

2012 Invitational and Repo Show

ARTspan (San Francisco) 2013

2013 SMAart

2013 ClayUndergound

SMAart Open Studio October 3-31 2013